Riding Policy

Be prepared to spend up to six hours a day in the saddle. You will need to feel confident about keeping up with the group, capable of riding at all paces, rising to the trot and controlling your horse at the canter. You may be required to gallop out of trouble, so regrettably we cannot take novice riders. Riders need to be over 12 years old, be riding fit, and weigh no more than 95kgs (210lbs or 15 stone). Riders who are over the weight limit would need to make special arrangements for this with our reservations team and need to be advanced riders. We take a maximum of eight people in each riding group to ensure the best possible standards of safety and enjoyment. There is a choice of English and Western style trail saddles, each with their own water bottle.

You must be able to ride to one of the following competence levels:
  • Experienced: Confident at all paces on almost any horse, competes or hunts seriously.
  • Intermediate: Ridden for a number of years. Able to control fit thoroughbreds at all paces.
  • Competent: Able to control a sensible/quiet horse at all paces and feels confident on such a horse. Balanced in the saddle and able to rise/post to the trot.
If you are not riding regularly we strongly recommend that you get in practice before joining us on safari. It will be at the discretion of the company whether less experienced riders will be permitted to ride, taking into consideration their safety and enjoyment and that of the group as a whole. We reserve the right to prevent any client from riding if we feel they do not fulfil the minimum competence level detailed above.

Many insurance companies will only insure you when wearing a hard hat or safety helmet whilst in the saddle. It is your responsibility to provide your own properly fitted hard hat or safety helmet. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever for head injuries sustained as a result of ignoring this advice. You must be insured to ride with us – please ensure your policy covers you for horse riding and includes medical evacuation cover.

You must be fully aware and understand that there are risks involved when around horses, in riding generally and in visiting and staying in remote wilderness areas in Africa due to the presence of wild and potentially dangerous animals. For these reasons you will be required to sign an indemnity form before you ride on our safaris confirming that you do so entirely at your own risk and that you have adequate insurance for all eventualities.


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